It turns out that people have been working in Word for years, but do not know its basic capabilities or do not follow the innovations. It's time to catch up!

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MS Word - Your Helper For Essay Writing


Nowadays, the writing process has become a lot easier than it was even twenty years ago. Today, students have access to various typing and editing tools to fasten the work and simplify proofreading and formatting stages. Each assignment can be done in a matter of hours instead of days since choosing font size and style, as well as adding pictures and references takes just a few seconds.

Still, the choice of the perfect typing and editing software can be a tough task due to the wide range of programs available on the market. Writers of labs and statistics reports need tools for graphics formatting, essay writers look for apps to organize just text content well, etc. In this review, I will take a look at the MS Word features that appeared to be the most convenient when I needed to write my essay for me. Below, I will share some of them with you.


Start typing anywhere


The Click and Write function is not new, but not everyone has heard about it. Often you have to watch how a person clicks the Enter button many times to get to the end of the page and, for example, enter the letter performer there. Double-clicking with a mouse can replace a dozen keystrokes. Hover over your intended print location and make a couple of quick clicks. Word itself will put new lines, tabs and fonts for the place that you indicated to it. This is clearly visible when viewing hidden formatting characters. This method is widely used when completing the task "write my college paper".


Translate immediately


When students ask specialists from "write my essays for me" service to "help me write my college essay", this task often includes translating some text. Ask your neighbor about which translator he prefers, and you will most likely hear about Google, but hardly about Bing. For some reason, Microsoft's proprietary translator is not very popular in our area. And in vain, because the quality of its work is quite enough for everyday needs. Of course, Office provides quick text translation with Bing. Using this tip from "write my essays for me" experts, it is possible that you will stop rushing between the browser and Word, endlessly copying and pasting sentences back and forth. There are dozens of languages and free translation methods for your choice. You can find them on the "Review" tab.


Use kerning


Designers at "write my college essay" service are well aware of what kerning is, and they are often operated on when typesetting texts.

In simple terms, kerning is responsible for the interval (distance) between letters, depending on their shape. Changing this parameter can compress or expand the same word, sentence, or paragraph in comparison with the standard state.

We had occasion to see how people began to delete part of the text or, conversely, "pour water" only in order to fit it into a certain framework. Kerning solves such problems more elegantly. Of course, rough play with it greatly hurts the eye, but minor manipulations may be appropriate.

Changing kerning will come in handy when using large fonts, for example, when preparing cover pages of the task "write my essay for cheap".

Press Ctrl + D to bring up the Font dialog box, go to the second Advanced tab. Here you can indulge in kerning.


Use hidden text


Can an empty Word document weigh tens or hundreds of megabytes? Yes! And for many, a clouding of the mind occurs. People do not see a single word before their eyes, but they cannot understand why the file is so large? Evil viruses or harmful hackers? No. It's all about hidden information. It can be graphics, pictures and text.

Like non-printable characters, hidden data is not displayed on the screen or printed, but it is still part of the document.

Select part or all of the text, press Ctrl + D and check the box next to the "Hidden" option. The fragment disappears and becomes available for viewing only in the display mode of non-printable characters. For clarity, hidden data is emphasized by a line of black dots.

These tips help experts from "write my essays for me" service to cover large volumes of written text everyday and love their job more and more. Save this article and share it with your friends to make your essay writing a pleasure.